Stegna Beach
The beach of Stegna which is well known for its majestic sunshine and clean waters, is a quiet area which combines the natural green environment with the aqua blue of the sea and the sandy beach.


We are in on the Middle East coast of the island 30 min by car from the center of Rhodes or from the airport, and 20 min by car from Lindos. Stegna Bay is 1 km from the center of Archangelos town where you can find discos bars, as well as shops, banks and post office. The distance from the beach is 50 m. 


Numerous small settlements existed in the broader area of Archangelos during the Hellenistic era, others on the coast and others inland. After the 7th century AD the settlements near the coast were abandoned due to the frequent invasions of pirates and their inhabitants settled on existing inland settlements or founded new ones in more secure areas. Over time the various settlements of the area were merged in one forming the town of Archangelos.

After the fall of Constantinople in 1453, the Knights Hospitaller who were occupying the island of Rhodes since 1309, built a fortress (some sort of an Acropolis) on top of one of the town’s nearby hills to protect from a possible Ottoman invasion on the island. Ruins of this (castle of Saint John) fortress remain today.


Major economic resources include tourism, agriculture (main agricultural products are olive oil and citrus fruits), stockbreeding and pottery. Pottery was always one of the major occupations of the people of Archangelos. It is said that the dome of Hagia Sophia was built using light bricks from Archangelos.